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To our customers, friends and supporters of Sweet Cow Yogurt!


We Need Your Help!


        We’ve been making yogurt and serving the communities throughout Vermont and New Hampshire for 15 years without any major upgrades to our processing system and during the last few years, we have been struggling to keep up with production to match the demand. 


       Feeling the toll it has taken on us due to the numerous hours we’ve spent using an inefficient system with high costs, energy usage and manual labor, we’ve done the research and found a solution that will greatly improve our time and energy efficiency. With your help and support, we are urgently seeking to upgrade to a larger pasteurizer that will process double the amount of yogurt we produce now and also a semi-automatic yogurt filling and sealing machine that will reduce the time and energy use by 75%.


       The total cost of these machines is $65,000 and to achieve this upgrade, we need to raise $50,000 in funds to match our $15,000 to purchase both pieces of equipment.  To learn more about our project and if you think you can help, please visit our GoFundMe page by visiting and typing in Sweet Cow Yogurt in the search bar or copy and type the link below.


Please consider giving a donation of any size to help us reach our goal before the start of summer!

With sincere thanks to all of you for your support!!

Diane Wyatt

     We are a family business working together to create the boldly rich, creamy, mildly sweet and tangy yogurt that our customers have grown to love, which is made with our own Jersey cows' milk and home-grown fresh fruit. Your satisfaction is truly our reward, and if you are new to us, we hope you will try it too!  
        Please take a few moments to browse through our website and look through the pictures. Click the tab “Where We Sell” to find where our yogurt is sold and “Yogurt Facts” to learn about our yogurt making process. You can learn about how we got started by clicking the “History” tab, and make sure to read "About You" made exclusively for YOU, our friends, customers and supporters. “Comment” if you like and “Contact Us” if you have questions or concerns.  We'd love to hear from you!


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