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About Us

        Tucked away in the hills of West Newbury, Vermont, our farm of 34 acres sits at the end of a dead-end dirt drive called French Road. This is home to the Wyatt family (my mom Leonor; my brothers Mike, Tom, and Chris; my sister Sharon and myself, Diane) and our business, Sweet Cow Yogurt. We are a dedicated, hard-working family sharing our various talents that contribute to the success of our family business. In turn, we get to appreciate the benefits of a farming lifestyle; from milking our own cows to maple sugaring, growing most of our food, and growing as much of the fruit in our yogurt as our climate can support and we can maintain. We manage all aspects of our business from designing our labels to marketing the finished product.

       We are now in our 16th year, and are still committed to crafting one of the best artisan yogurts Vermont has to offer. Although we don't have organic certification, we take health and nutrition seriously, and we pledge NOT to use GMOs or anything artificial in our yogurt.  

          Through the practice of putting the manure we get from the cows back onto the land for fertilizer, in addition to rotating pastures in the summer, our cows feast on an abundant supply of lush grass by which they produce very rich and creamy milk that’s high in nutritional value.  We have never used growth hormones and never will. We do supplement with grain, organic vitamins and minerals, kelp meal and flax seed, especially during the winter months.  Their body condition and shiny coats are as important to us in maintaining as is their comfort and well-being.  We take pride in the care we give our cows and in turn, they provide us with unmatched quality milk that produces the most amazing yogurt. 

          Thanks for taking the time to read "About Us" and we hope if you haven't had Sweet Cow Yogurt yet, you will give it a try and hopefully, you too will be added to our happy customers list! :)


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