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Dear Customers, Friends and Supporters,

            I felt this website would not be complete without a page dedicated to you.  Ever since we brought our first batch of yogurt to sell at the Norwich farmers' market over ten years ago, you’ve given us overwhelming support and only positive reviews.  We feel immensely blessed to have such a wonderful group of people supporting us through every hurdle the years have presented. Through selling without a license, to getting shut down, and changing our name in the end, you’ve purchased countless yogurts in support of our family business.

            Without our customers, we wouldn’t have a yogurt business.  We couldn't have grown from selling at one farmers' market to having our products in fifteen stores. And without those of you who persuaded me to contact Vermont Technical College for their help in fabricating the yogurt processing equipment and graciously donated to VTC for our cause, we wouldn't have been able to afford the cost of becoming a licensed business. For this, we are forever grateful.

            I personally want to thank each one of you for the times that you shop at our booth at the farmers market in Norwich, buy our yogurt at one of the farm stands, or walk into a local store or co-op to either purchase our yogurt or pick one up and decide to try it.  We are greatly appreciative of your support and want you to know that it is because of YOU that our business is alive and successful today.

           Thank you so much!!!


                                                                                        The Wyatt Family

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