Below are some photos I've taken of our Jerseys throughout the years.  At most times, however, we have just three milking cows in our barn and one heifer.  Our barn is small and is set up to house only a few cows. It has 4 milking stalls, a wash room and two box stalls for calving.  Two or three calves are born each year which we sell to other Jersey farmers, and every once in awhile we raise a heifer calf to replace one of our cows when she's too old to continue milking. 

          Because we spend so much time with our cows, they are very sweet, friendly, and social. Each of them are known (and sometimes named) by their unique personalities.  The 3 milk cows we have now are Frito (the matriarch at 9 years old,) Fresh (her distant relative at 5 years old,) and Nacho (Frito's daughter, 3 years old.) We also have Frito's 2-year old daughter Nellie, who is due to calve with her first calf in June 2017.